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Adriana Spulber 06 Jul 2022 | 2 min. read

We underline founders.

Underline Ventures is a seed-stage fund focused on fast-growing startups from Eastern Europe. 

With Underline Ventures we want to continue what Bogdan Iordache has been doing for almost 15 years as an investor, advisor, and in other capacities: support founders to build the companies they strive for.  

Apart from capital, we want to support founders to execute the right objectives and milestones and leverage our networks to connect them with top funds and hires. 

We strongly believe founders should own their decision-making and the overall direction of their company – this will help them become better leaders and develop teams with a strong culture. 

And, if things don’t go as planned, which they often do, we help them through thick and thin. 

We are grateful for the trust of our LPs, many of them founders, and early-stage operators from companies such as UiPath, Green Horse Games, Telerik, MultiversX (ex-Elrond), MorphL, Smartbill, CleverTaxi, Tremend, and many others. 

We’re here to underline founders.

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