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Founder-led sales

Leading Sales

Bogdan Iordache 05 Oct 2022 | 1 min. read

Early-stage founders – it is YOUR responsibility to lead your sales process when you are pre-product/market fit.

When you lead your sales / led-gen efforts, you will find out:
How clients react to your USP
How your messaging works
What alternatives/substitutes do they use
What barriers do they see in adopting your solution
What is the decision-making process
What channels and go-to-market tactics work and why

With this information you can change in the right direction:
Your product roadmap
Your go-to-market strategy
Your fundraising strategy
The structure of your team
… everything

If you are the founder of a pre-product/market fit startup, you absolutely need to have 1st hand information about your place in the market.

No head of sales, head of revenue, chief revenue officer, or anybody else can take this off your hands – you have to figure out what and how your company can create business value.

This is extremely important for technical founders who start with a technology solution and are looking for a real-life problem – yes, it’s a hassle, but you have to overcome it to be successful.

Don’t delegate this – it is critical for building a company.

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