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yass 17 Jun 2022 | 2 min. read

Launch, the startup

CRM, one of the largest categories in software, is dominated by enormous companies such as Salesforce ($285Bn) and Hubspot ($35Bn) amongst many others. Whilst these companies are doing an amazing job at servicing large-scale sales and marketing teams inside organizations, they often feel extremely rigid and highly opinionated. Customers are hostages of the funnel-based workflow instilled by these tools and almost always have to invest development resources in customization to fit these tools to their workflow.

CRM also goes beyond sales and marketing, it’s about relationships. It’s about clients but also partners, external stakeholders, freelancers… literally anyone your company interacts with! More often than not, to avoid the complexity and rigidity of dominant CRM tools, users and teams revert back to excel sheets or no-code tools like Airtable and Notion to track their relationships. But in doing so, users give up on all the helpful features a traditional CRM offers (the system of action) and forgo any sort of data enrichment or automation for the sake of easily building the workflow in other tools.

Users and teams shouldn’t have to compromise on anything.
That’s why we are excited to announce our investment in Attio today.

Our investment thesis

Empowering businesses to build

We believe Attio is part of a new generation of software tools that empower users to easily define their own workflows and processes. Users can build any workflow or process on Attio thanks to the tool’s flexibility, simplicity, and a high degree of customization. We had been looking for a solution applying these design principles for a while as the CRM vertical hasn’t yet seen a no-code winner yet. Attio is in pole position to win!

Data and automation at anyone’s fingertips

Attio ingests and analyzes existing data sources in real-time, eliminating the need for manual input. This enables users to build automations on top of their processes and the data Attio ingests. This is key for users to manage relationships at scale whilst growing according to the needs of a scaling organization.