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1 Year of Underlining Founders

Adriana Spulber 06 Jul 2023 | 2 min. read

Today marks one year since we launched Underline Ventures, our seed-stage fund focused on fast-growing startups from Eastern Europe. 

Over the past year, we’ve announced our first five investments, in Goodlegal, Nestor, Veridion, Videowise, and Turneo (and we’ll be announcing more soon), grown our team, become an EuVECA licensed fund, and learned a lot.

We’ve received 513 pitch decks (thank you and keep them coming!) and spent 1.143 hours (and counting) in pitches, demos, and discussions with founders.

As always, we’re very excited to work with founders who have unique insights into their field, strong operational experience, and a clear vision of how they will change the lives of their customers and users. And we will keep investing in companies that have an international focus from day one and ideally have proprietary technology and/or strong network effects. That’s a lot to ask, but we’re also working hard to be helpful by providing them with both operational (hiring, comms, fundraising, etc.) and strategic (product, growth) support. 

Now let’s get back to work. We’re here to underline founders.

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